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Why Us?

We are just like you; individuals who have hopes, dreams and plans for the future. Our goal at Imperial is to help you set financial goals and give you the best tools and knowledge on the road to achieving those goals. We provide the methodology and expertise you need to make your financial future a success. And we do it with you, through communication, innovation and education.

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Your Goals

At Imperial Wealth Management, we have confidence in long term, financial planning that will help you achieve your goals. Maybe you dream of owning a cottage, saving your children or grandchildren’s education, or leaving money to family members to help them achieve their own dreams.


Our Philosophy

We believe in the individual and the power of choice, further, we understand that you work hard for your money and believe that you should decide how to invest it in the most secure and rewarding way for you. That’s why Imperial offers a wide range of guaranteed insurance products, long term investments and open communication between our staff and our clients.


Our Process

Whatever your aims, the consultants at Imperial will help you achieve your goals with the right products and services by tailoring plans designed to fit your budget and objectives. We always welcome new clients with a one on one meeting to determine short and long term goals, starting with a five year plan and moving forward.


About Us

Imperial Wealth Management was founded to address a growing need for individual financial planning, backed by open communication and educational initiatives. All geared towards ensuring our clients have a clear and focused understanding of how their money is working for them and the choices they have.  We give clients our time. Time to create secure a financial future based on our guaranteed insurance products and services.


Communication is a cornerstone of Imperial’s plan for your success. We strive to be very well acquainted with our clients and their financial objectives and targets. We encourage open, face to face interaction and have an open door policy so our clients know we are here to listen and address their concerns.

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Financial Lifestyle Plan

We serve the varied needs of our client families, and offer in-house expertise in areas central to their multigenerational success, including: investments, tax strategies, trusts, insurance, philanthropy, business succession.  Learn More



Good financial planning isn't all about collecting the most assets until you retire but also looking at how you will convert your investments into income when you're no longer working. Investments come in many shapes and sizes, making sure you choose the right fit for your goals is crucial to your financial success.



Whether it's protecting your loved ones, leaving a lasting legacy or planning for your future, insurance plays a major role in all financial plans. From term life insurance to cover a short term need, permanent life ensuring your loved ones will be taken care of or living benefits in the event that you're ill or disabled everyone needs insurance as part of their savings plan.


Group Benefits

Your organization is unique, and we understand that. Your group might have thousands of people, or perhaps you can count them all on one hand. Whatever your group size or benefits goals, our people have the knowledge and tools to help identify and meet your needs.


Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is the process of selecting a mix of asset classes that closely matches an investor’s financial profile in terms of their investment preferences and tolerance for risk.


Your Finances

Managing your finances is an important component to any financial security plan. Money management strategies help you manage your savings on a daily basis.


Your Team

Want to live the good life? We’ve got the team to take you there!

Learn more about our amazing team of professionals.

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Andrew Dennis, CFP

Managing Director

Linda Clark

Executive Assistant


Don’t take our word for it ... this is what our clients are saying about us!!


Diana Marshall

“My Financial Advisor is awesome!

She keep me abreast of my what's happening and make suggestions to me.  She is very proactive and knowledgeable about what she does.  I am very happy with her level of service.  She goes way beyond what she should be doing.  I am grateful.
Thank you Andrea V.”


Luis E. Morillo

“Imperial has done a great job. I am very happy with their work, people skills and knowledge. I can't think of anything else to help them improve.”





Warren Trimble

"Andrew is very professional and thoughtful. He always demonstrates a standard of character that I am pleased to experience and pleased to share with others. His communication style, efficiency and knowledge are a rare find. Thank you Andrew for taking care of me and Sheila."


Dr. Sehdev and Dr. Venantius

We truly enjoy working with our team at Imperial as the benefits they offer us are tremendous. I know they're just a phone/email away and always get back to us on the same day. They have helped us to manage our life. It really has made a big difference in our lives. We continue to sing your praises.


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